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How to write a script for a promotional Video?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Writing a script will depend on the message you want to share, even with a simple 3 minute explainer film, the script could be framed in many different ways. But this article will cover how we go about writing scripts for our customers.

The first 5 seconds of your video in the moment to capture your audience’s attention. I normally like to begin with some kind of hook; a statement intended to challenge, intrigue or inspire your audience. Usually intending to be something short and engaging such as:

3 hooks we have used in the past:

Carpet Cleaners: We wash our clothes differently depending on the fibre that they are; you should do the same with your carpets, upholstery or rugs. Tool company: There is nothing quite like the joy of making something with your hands! Freight Forwarding company: Land air and Sea, we move your freight worldwide!

If your audience have been interested by the hook then you can begin to give them more information. Tell them more about the product or service. Who can benefit? How do they benefit? How many people have you helped in the past? What would your customers say? What are some of your USP’s? How does your product stand out from competitors (Keep this positive, why do you stand out)? Think about your target audience, what words would they use? What is important to them how can you make it most relevant and interesting to them. Answering these questions as prompts allows you to dig into the finer details about why business stands out. Once you have covered all this, then you could talk about any achievements, any benefits with your process being green or environmentally friendly. The end goal being to try to answer as many as your potential customers questions, try to remove any doubt that would stop someone from purchasing.

Wrapping the film up can be done in several ways, bringing back customers to say how they used and enjoyed the product or service. Showing the reason why they made their purchase at every opportunity. Another option would be to reinforce the customers your product is perfect for.

These prompts can guide you through writing a script, but once you have finished, read it out loud. Often we write information in ways that can seem clumsy or wordy when spoken out loud. Fix any parts that trip you up, or dont flow as you would like.

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