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Tell your story!

We have 5 film and video packages for schools which offer a variety of different assets for educational facilities

Standard package for schools

1 X film up to 3 minutes in length

Our standard package will provide you with 1 digital download of your final film, which is perfect to be used across most social media platforms and your website homepage. This package covers from pre production all the way through delivery of your final product, and we will help you for every step of the way to deliver a energetic and interesting film.

Premium package for schools

1 X film up to 3 minutes in length
5 X additional Films: 30-60 seconds


Save £299

Our Premium Film and Video package not only provides you with a 3 minute standard package but also gives you up to 5 additional shorter films – as an example these could be, video testimonials, introductions to staff or recruitment videos. By adding additional outputs you can build interest around the release of your digital content, you can create a digital campaign or answer parents questions – as a campaign your films will reach more people, with each film being able to build on the audience of the previous one.

Standard package for Schools
Premium package for Schools
Video testimonials for Schools
£1499 + VAT
£2199 + VAT
£999 + VAT
1 X 3 minute Video
1 X 3 minute video, 5 X 60 second videos
5 X 60 second videos
Royalty free music
Assistance with Script Writing and planning
Question based
Time required to Capture Content
1 Day
1.5 Days
0.5 days
2 Dedicated Crew members
Multiple Camera systems

Our promotional video refresh package


To protect your investment for the future, we have added a refresh package for our Promotional Films. It is not uncommon that staff may change and facilities are improved. You may not need a whole new promotional film, but just to change a few of the interviews and update some additional shots. This package is perfect for those who are happy with the majority of their film but just need it to be updated.


Our refresh package is delivered by 2 members of staff, in around 4 hours on location. We will film any interviews and required cut away shots with different camera systems to keep your films on brand with the original production.

This will also save you nearly 50% of the costs, when compared to having a whole new film made.

Video Testimonials for Schools

5 X 30-60 second videos

Video testimonials for educational facilities are a great way to showcase the student experience, build awareness and inspire confidence for future students and parents.

If you want to find out more about video testimonials check out our video testimonials page.

Teacher Bios and Subject Intros

5 X 30-60 second videos

Teacher Bios and subject intros are a great way for schools to show off their amazing faculty. Let students put a face to the name, inspiring confidence for the future. Allow your teachers to show off their passion for their subjects and talk about some of the topics which are covered.

The more information you can give students the more informed their decision when choosing subjects. Videos can save teachers a massive amount of time letting them focus on more important tasks.

What are the benefits to using video?

  • Film and video will increase your student intake.

  • Give parents confidence with the site and faculty.

  • Show your ethos to the local community.

  • Convey and focus new leadership messages.

  • Prove why you are the best choice for their children.

We are on hand to help you write the script, break down what sort of shots will communicate your message. We will also guide you on how to best plan the shoot day to give us the best chance for success. We always aim to deliver at least a first draft within 14 days of the shoot.

We have worked in multiple educational settings, from primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Working with children and young adults of varying abilities including those with special educational needs. Film crew are DBS checked.

Our Video for School packages include drone coverage

Why not check out what our clients have say about us.

If you want to know more about the process that we go through in creating successful films for educational facilities – then we have made a really simple guide below.

This document covers information on:

  • Booking.

  • Pre-production.

  • Planning the day.

  • What to expect.

  • Interviews.

  • File storage and our review system.

Get hints and tips on what to expect before you book!

By following our simple process we can create awesome promotional videos for schools, with a fixed pricing structure. But if this is not for you we are more than happy to quote on a per project basis. Why not get in touch today to see how the power of film and video could solve your problems.


Workshops for schools

We feel privileged everyday to be doing what we love, making films and telling people’s stories. But to get here was no easy task; we know how difficult the film industry can be to break into. That is why we offer workshops for schools and educational settings. We are happy to deliver talks or more practical based workshops.

Pre- Production

We can show a project we have worked on, talk about how we planned and executed the film. How we engaged with the brief and the story we decided to tell. Taking the class through the process we can cover how we sourced actors, locations, equipment and how we planned for success.


We can set up a 3 point lighting workshop; covering the basics of composition, lens choice, exposure, how to light a scene, continuity. Giving students the foundations required that we use across all productions, even feature films, to tell a story and create mood.

Post -Production

We can walk through the editing process, leading the class through how we organise assets, cut and layer a story, colour grade, use transitions and sound effects to end up with a final cohesive film or video. With some added hints and tips for any budding future editors.

Whilst delivering the script the students were able to see how we use the magic of cinema to get lots of different backgrounds and shots out of one location.
How we manipulate light to create mood and emotion and even how to tell a story in an engaging manor.
The students were able to practice directing and then see how minor tweaks can have a big impact in mood and story.
How to effectively communicate on set to make sure that all departments are working together and maximising creativity and efficiency.

Film making Workshops

This behind the scenes video shows highlights from a film making workshop we delivered. The workshop was delivered over two days and the overall outcome was to create a 10 minute documentary. The documentary gave a platform for students to talk about their mental health journey.

We coached the students through every stage of the filmmaking process and with the use of professional equipment to deliver the documentary.  

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