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Book now - for Award winning Post Production services

We have editor’s familiar with a series of editing suits. Primarily we use Davinci Resolve, but we can edit using Premiere Pro and Final cut Pro.


Piecing all the assets together, ordering and layering them from: shots, graphics and audio. We can bring style and creativity to your film, cutting your film together and mastering the final output for whatever delivery is required. Be it for Online Distribution, TV or even a DCP for cinema.

If you need an editor, we can help.

Colour Grading

Colour grading provides the finished look to the film, whether bringing colours in line with brand guidelines or providing the final feeling – by grading the film we can pull all the aspects of the film together.We have graded films from music videos, corporate films, feature films.

If you need a colourist then get in touch.

Visual Effects

We have completed a variety of visual effects work: from using clean plates, stabilising cameras, removing unwanted elements, green screen background replacement, tracking and replacing logos, creative transitions and sky replacements.

If you have a project that needs VFX work then please get in touch.

After finishing a project additional editing will be charged at an hourly rate of £40 + Vat per hour.

As visual storytellers we have a strong comprehension of pacing for a narrative. We will bring a keen eye for detail to the post production stage and can bring your project to life. Film and Video will live and die by the viewers who are engaging with it, we have a track record of making award winning content which has seen sales and distribution across the world.

We can master it

Already captured your story, but struggling to piece it together: we can edit it together, colour grade it, add visual effects and master the audio to finally deliver the Film

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