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Events, Conferences, Shows and Livestreams?


1 X Highlight film up to 5 minutes

If you have an event coming up:

  • A fun day

  • A workplace milestone

  • An award ceremony

We can capture it and create a video from the highlights. This can allow you to share it with people that couldn’t attend, use it to drive sales for next year and build brand awareness across social media.


1 X Edited coverage of Presentations

Sharing knowledge is important for any business or charity, if you are hosting a conference we can immortalise that content for audiences both internal or external. Allowing people to not only share in your work, but helping that work expand and build a brighter future. We have successfully done this across the UK and Europe, capturing conferences across multiple fields including: Medical, Engineering and Community planning.

We are also happy to create a highlights film, showing off the atmosphere of the conference. This is perfect for helping you build your audience for next year and to show off the amazing exhibitors who helped make the conference come to life. This would add an additional charge of £1200 + VAT (with the edit included- saving atleast £299.)

Our conference package includes atleast two members of crew for upto 10 hours, atleast 2 cameras for different shot camera angles. We will deliver a digital download of our content.

Live streaming and hybrid

1 X Live stream upto 4 hours

Engage directly with your customer base in real time. Allow them to engage with you directly and ask questions. By solving their problems in real time you are able to open a discussion with your customers, building confidence in your products or service. Give them hints and tips of how to best use your products or you may even find other ways your customers are using your products.

Why not think about your live stream as a whole show, we can create VT’s to break up the main events, you could have adverts from sponsors, live interviews with attendees. In this live stream for Chestnut products you will see all these used to create a more engaging show.

  • Terry uses how to’s and product demo’s to break up the main stage content.

  • We captured other forms of wood working and turning in several other tents during the breaks.

  • We interviewed people who attended and gave them an opportunity to talk about what they were making and how they had used Chestnut Products in their own creations.

All this extra content creates a dynamic show for audiences, engaging them for longer and elevates Chestnut Products as the company that brought all of these talented people together.

Our Live Stream and Hybrid package includes atleast two members of crew for upto 10 hours, atleast 2 cameras for different shot camera angles.

Often with Live streams and Hybrid events we may find that presentations overlap leading for us to need additional members of crew, from camera operators to a vision mixer. This will incur additional costs- these costs will be outlined within the specification of the quote.

If these packages do not fulfill your needs or requirements. We can offer additional crew and equipment. This is to make sure that we can deliver upon the expected outcomes you desire, these additions will be charged accordingly. We will also charge for travel and expenses incurred by having to go to and from the event.

Capturing your event or conference will give you the opportunity to keep it for the future. Share it with people who couldn’t attend, build excitement for next year and celebrate all that you have achieved to get here. So what are you waiting for? Get your film crew booked now.

Book your crew now!

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