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Got a Script? or an Idea?

We can provide the essential crew and equipment for creating Short Films, Feature Films and Documentaries.

Narrative Film package

If you have a story to tell, we can provide key production personnel to bring it off the page. Get your Director of Photography, Sound engineer and Focus Puller, from a team that have worked with each other for years. A team that will work swiftly and effectivly to tell your story. We can also provide equipment such: as cameras, lenses, lighting, wireless video, directors monitor, sound recorders and much more.

Short films are a great calling card to next steps within the film industry, whether that getting the film optioned for a feature, using it to gain funding for your next project, or using it to tour the festivals and build connections for your career. We provide a cost effective solution to low budget film making.

Best Cinematography award High Tetras festival winner Laurel
Stockholm City Film festival winner May 2021 Winner Laurel
Winner of Festigious Film festival 2021 winner Laurel
New York independent Cinema Awards 2021
Couch Film Festival for Best Picture Winner Laurel
The Monkey tree Awards Film festival Winner Laurel

We have 2 other packages available for shooting documentaries

Single Shooter Documentary package

This package provides a single operator, with camera and a lapel microphone pack and 1 Apature 300D light. It suites being able to capture single person interviews and the B roll required to create a documentary. This package works well for multi-day shoots which may require interviews and footage from several different people and locations.

Duel Shooter Documentary package

This package provides a Camera Operator and Sound Engineer: with a camera, lenses, boom microphone and lapel microphone pack and one light. With the addition of a sound engineer we can ensure that not only the camera is monitored, but so is the audio throughout. With additional crew we can also work faster gathering more content. Increase creativity and get more engaging content.

We are proud to have worked on this documentary exploring “What makes dunes sing?” – We provided production support in the UK, providing a camera operator and sound engineer to capture interviews and cut aways from Dr. Nathalie Vriend.

Narrative Film Package
Single Shooter Doc Package
Duel Shooter Doc Package
Additional film equipment provided
Dedicated sound engineer
1 Tripod + 1 Gimble Rig
1 Tripod/ Shoulder config
1 Tripod + 1 Gimble Rig
Time spent on set
11 + 1

Plan to shoot around 4/5 pages a day 


We have created documentaries across a range of subjects!
If you have an interesting subject, or something to expose - we want to hear from you!

Short Films

With not only several of our own short films which have been screened across festivals and won awards. We have worked with some amazing talent to bring their short films to life!

Feature Films

With award winning feature films recieving distribution across online platforms such as Amazon Prime.
We have a proven track record of creating High end Digital Cinema.


views worldwide


118+ TB
of data captured

years of telling stories

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