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Written a song?

We have 3 Video packages for bands and musicians;
if you want anything outside of these packages we are more than happy to have a chat.

Standard Music Video package

1 X Music video to your original track

Music videos are one of the best ways to help your music reach further. Sharing your music with audiences beyond the gigs you play. Give your audiences a place to visit to hear your music throughout the day.
Give your audience more than just the track; let them buy into you and your brand. Stand out amongst the competition and invest in your career.
Our standard music video package is great for emerging artists; we will focus on your performance within a space. Showcasing you and your talents.

Premium Music Video package

1 X Music video to your original track

Our Premium music video package gives us more time to improve the quality of the video. Building on your performance, we can now bring some of the songs themes to bear; we could explore different locations, bring in characters and take your production value to the next level.
Making more engaging and interesting content will help people want to re-watch your video, share with friends and create playlists from your music.

Premium Plus Music Video package

1 X Music video to your original track
3 X 15 -30 second teaser clips.

2 days will give us time to execute more complicated stories. Build out the emotion and mood of the track. And create an amazing video for all your fans to enjoy.

We will also give you a 3 teaser clips, which you can use across socials to build some hype about when your new music will be released. Get people excited about what they are going to see and hear.

Music Video Package
Premium Music Video package
Premium+ Music Video Package
Assistance With Locations and Planning
Time Required To Capture Content
Upto 5 hours
1 Day
2 Days
1 X Video
1 X Video
1 X Video and 3 X Teasers
Multiple Camera Systems

We specialise in creating interesting story driven music videos for artists based in Suffolk and the UK. We have fixed price packages to make life simple. With our simple approach we take the stress out of the video production process so our artists can focus on what they do best. If you think you project falls out of scope of our packages or you want to talk about other options then please get in touch.

If you have new and original songs then get in touch now to take your career to the next level.

We will travel over the UK, but there may be additional charges for travel and expenses. Which will be discussed before production.

Book your music Video now!

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