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Tell your story from a fresh perspective

Licensed and Qualified Drone pilot

Drones add production value to film and video content; only 10 years ago these shots would have required more expensive solutions, such as a helicopter. Modern technological advances mean that we are able to capture awe inspiring shots from completely different perspectives, for a fraction of the cost.

We have extensive experience with flying drones not just for schools and business but also for brands and feature films. Our Drone pilots are all working camera operators and cinematographers, which means that we are always making sure that technically our shots are stunning and they are also exactly what is needed to fit the story.  

What many people do not know is that the laws around drones are strict, with good reason. With more and more air traffic, the risks to the public and property increases. Breaking the drone regulation comes with strict punishments.  As a licensed and qualified drone pilot we keep up to date with the regulations and safety is always a priority.

Add production value to your film

We use drones to capture beautiful shots for film and video, our drone services are designed to be added onto any of our other film and video packages.

We primarily use the Mavic pro 2 because of the quality of its camera. With a 1 inch sensor, 4 K video and variable frame rates, the Mavic pro 2 is a powerful camera and gimble setup, allowing for incredible shots within a small package.

Mavic 2 pro drone with action camera and gimble in the air
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