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Promotional Videos

We have 3 promotional film packages for businesses, which offer an array of film and video outputs to solve a veriety of issues for your businesses.
If you want anything outside of these packages we are more than happy to quote.

Standard Promotional Video package

1 X 3 minute Video

Our standard package will give you a digital download of your final film, which is perfect for social platforms and Websites.

Increase the amount of time customers spend on your website, improve the quality of your leads and build customer engagement across socials.

Company overviews, product demos, fitting guides, staff intros, service overviews, promotional films, answer FAQ’s.

Premium Promotional Video package

1 X film up to 3 minutes in length
5 X additional Films: 30-60 seconds

Save £299

Our Premium Video package provides you with a standard package but also gives you up to 5 additional shorter films – these could be product films, video testimonials, introductions to staff or recruitment videos.

By adding additional outputs you can build interest around the release of your digital content, you can create a digital campaign – ensuring your films will reach more people, with each film being able to build on the audience of the previous one.

Standard Video Production Package
Premium Video Production Package
Video Testimonial Package
£1499 +VAT
£2199 + VAT
£999 +VAT
1 X 3 minute Video
1 X 3 minute videos 5X 60 second videos
5 X 60 Second Videos
Royalty Free Music
Assistance with Script Writing and Planning
Question based
Time Required To Capture Content
1 Day
1.5 Days
0.5 Days
Multiple Camera Systems
2 Dedicated Crew members

Video Testimonials for businesses

5 X 30-60 second videos

Video testimonials for business are a great way to showcase customer satisfaction, build brand awareness, inspire confidence, build relationships and show of your product or service.

If you want to find out more check out our video testimonials page.

The benefits of Film and Video

Videos are a powerful tool to stimulate growth and streamline processes.

Improve your marketing and advertising with video content. Stand out amongst your competitors; increase engagement with your brand, increase dwell times on your website. Build a community of customers, entertain them and watch them keep coming back.

Film and Videos never sleep. Becoming a 24/7, 365 days a year tool which allows your potential customers to take themselves through your sales pipeline.

  • In 2022 - 65% of all internet traffic was from video sites.

  • Viewers retain as much as 95% of the message.

  • Youtube has more than 2.5 Billion active users.

For more about the benefits of video checkout our blog post:

Digital Partner

We can be your film and video Partner

If you want regular digital content, that’s where we can help.

we can offer a yearlong solution, creating content for you.

4 X 3 minute Promotional Videos
20 X 30-60s Videos
28 X 5-15 s Videos
2 photography sessions

At the end of the year, you would have 52 different video assets, something for every week of the year- totalling around 32 minutes of digital content. It’s a hassle free, fixed price solution to digital content creation. Because not all business can afford to hire a digital content creator, but many can afford a digital content partner.

Why would you ask us to become your digital partner?

  • Fixed monthly cost.

  • Quality film and video content.

  • No training time/ staff holiday / pension to pay.

  • No investment in equipment.

  • No extra insurance costs.

  • We are happy to pitch content ideas to you.

  • We can spend more time getting to know your brand.

  • Build a content library - save time and effort for the future.

Offset Films Icon On set Directors chair for our client
Product Videos

Other services for Businesses

Offset Films lady at a garden party explaining products Branded content

Branded Content

Story based content associating products and services with a lifestyle.

Quote on request

Engineer welding pipes Offset Films fitting guides

Product Videos

How to's | Fitting guides | Product videos

Starting from £1499 + VAT

Camera on a gimble ready to film

Camera Operator

Just hire an camera
operator with or without equipment

from £360 + VAT

You may also notice that all of our packages are created by at least 2 dedicated members of staff. We understand that there is additional cost in having 2 crew members for the shoot days, but by having an audio engineer we can ensure that during any interviews both the audio and camera is being monitored to a professional standard. Also our sound engineers are trained camera operators and understand the film making process; therefore we are able to work at incredible speeds in capturing the content required.


With all of our packages there are a few things that can cause the price to increase:

  • Any props that we may have to source.

  • Any locations that we may have to organise.

  • Travel.

  • Drone filming.

Book your shoot now!

Group of professionals at the bar Offset Films Branded content_edited_edited.jpg

If you have a project  but do not think it fits within any of our packages, we are more than happy to work on a quote basis. We still create films and videos across Suffolk and the UK on a per film basis.


Jump on over to our contacts page and get in touch.

Get hints and tips below,

If you are interested in a promotional film or video and you want to know more about the process that we go through in creating successful films for businesses – Checkout our step-by-step guide.

The guide covers information on:

  • Booking,

  • Pre-production,

  • Planning the day,

  • Locations,

  • What to expect on the day,

  • Onscreen talent,

  • Interviews,

  • File storage and our review system.

Get hints and tips on what to expect before you book!


Case Study for business

Bury Rugby Club Project 

Budget £5,000+

The 2023 season marked 50 years since the Ermenonville Air disaster, the brief was to help create a project that could work as a year long tribute to those lost in the terrible crash.

As part of the project we created the main documentary, covering the history of the plane crash and hearing from the sons of some of the players. It was important to the club to show their impact and support of the community- as a galvanising moment the club rallied and has been going strong ever since. It is soon to be celebrating 100 years.

We not only created the main documentary, but we also created two additional films based off our promotional film packages calling more sponsors and more supporters.

If you want to know how these films helped progress the club, then just watch the video review from Will Affleck here:

These films have helped raise the local profile of the club, sharing their story with the local community. Reaching further, the story was picked up by National coverage and has helped propel The Bury Rugby club onto a much larger stage.

"The reaction to the film has been greater than we ever expected!"

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