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Got a story to tell?

Offset Films is an award winning film and video Production company bringing knowledge and creativity to Suffolk and the UK. We specialise in the live capture of content for businesses, charities and schools.

Stories are a main way we communicate as human beings: from the pages of history to everyday experiences - stories inspire us to action. By taking your audience on a journey you can build a lasting connection with them, create emotion and ultimately convert them into a customer.

At Offset Films we know everyone has a story to tell. We work with all our customers to bury down into the narrative. Bringing out the story threads and then coaching our customers in creatively presenting their journey.

With a proven track record of providing growth for our customers, we have seen our customers take on new employees, open new locations and break into new markets. We have also created films to help streamline processes for businesses, leaving them more time to focus on the things that matter.

Our work has been played on Television, had online distribution through platforms like Amazon and has won awards throughout the world at film festivals.

Whatever the goal, we work through each step to make sure our final product delivers the required results. Be that to sell a product, share an event or get new customers engaging with the brand for the future


views worldwide


118+ TB
of data captured

years of telling stories

Festigious film festival winner Logo 2021
Winner of best Shorts competition Laurel
Offset Films Stockhome City Film Festival Award Laurel
Offset Films Film Monkey tree award winner Laurel
Offset Films Couch Film festival award Laurel
Film crew behind the scenes from Stranger Love

As film makers we have extensive experience with every aspect of film making. From idea generation and script writing, through the Production stages and  finally to the edit and mastering process.

With nearly 10 years industry experience

We are strong believers in “inbound marketing” - marketing which creates content with the express purpose to enlighten, delight or challenge its viewers. At the end of the day customers will purchase products or services which will solve a problem, ease their life or entertain them.

Empower your customer to make an informed decision about their purchase, and on their own timeframe. This may sound risky, but the way we buy in society is changing. We have never been as educated about prices, competitors and pros and cons. At least this way you can make sure your audience are receiving accurate and interesting information from you, when they are ready to buy.

​With this is mind- we believe in being open and honest with customers: about prices, pros and cons about the messages we deliver. We prefer to empower our potential customers with the required knowledge to make an informed decision, elevating our clients rather than mudslinging at their competitors.

We are community focused

Woodland trust_edited.jpg

Not only do we support and champion lots of local charities, we have recently been working very hard to reduce our Carbon emissions. We are proud to be Carbon Neutral as of 2023. We have achieved this by reducing as much of our carbon footprint as possible. Where there are currently unavoidable emissions we have then Offset this through the Woodland trust – Supporting our local woodland.

A word from Laurence Scott,
Founder of Offset Films

“I have always been a storyteller, from plays and scripts at school and university, to joining the circus and running a theatre company. But whatever I did, there was always one constant – I would use cameras to capture, advertise and grow each project.

Laurence Scott managing Director of Offset Films

Having spent time living and working in London on music videos, feature films and TV shows, I wanted to take my career to the next level. So I set up Offset Films. I firmly believe story is at the heart of everything we do, it’s the very essence of how we communicate. Therefore it’s a very powerful tool for growing a business or expressing a message. I am so happy that every day I get to work with amazing people and help them share their stories. If you’ve got a story to tell, then we would love to help you tell it.”

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