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How do I know if my Video is working?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Often times working out the return on investment from using video content can be hard to quantify. But with this blog we are going to give you 3 ways to indentify an actual return on investment from using video content for your business.

Because the only way to work out if you should carry on investing in video is making sure that for every £1 you invest you are gaining more back from it.

  • Firstly, why not build into your video some kind of offer code. Instantly you can quantify each purchase that has come through from the video if they are using a certain code. It maybe that you give £1, £10 or 10% off for anyone with the specific discount code, that way tracked into your finances you will instantly be able to see where that purchase has come from.

  • Google and website analytics are very sophisticated in letting you know how people have come to your website. When you post your video on different social media platforms, build in a way that the customer can go straight to the purchasing page. That way your Analytics would show them going straight from wherever they accessed the video content to the page to purchase, allowing you to track where each customer engaged from.

  • Finally, if you can use the videos to build a database of email addresses of potential customers interested in your products or brand. Then each time you release a new product or service you will have a captive audience that you can send further interesting video content too. This is certainly not something that is going to happen overnight. But given time, this can be a fantastic way to get sustained sales.

Here you have it, here are 3 ways that can help you track your return on your investment through using video content. And the more data you have about where your videos are engaging with customers the more you can build on this information to increase sales for the future.


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