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How often should I update my video content?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

This is a very tricky question for us to answer because of course we would love to be involved in updating and replacing content for our customers. But I will answer as honestly as I can.

Many film products we make for businesses we intend to be relevant for at least a year, but often we have had customers using a business overview film on their website homepage for two. After two years we do find that perhaps their practices have changed, some of the staff may have changed and maybe it is time update that film.

Some of the films and videos that we make do not in fact need updating. A how to or fitting guide for a product can generally be make once, unless the product changes then the way it fits should be the same. Video testimonials are another product we create that will not need updating or replacing, but benefit can be had from adding more testimonials to the list.

It’s clear to see that the longer a video can be utilised by business the better return on investment. With this is mind there are a few other ways you could update your content without having to purchase a whole new film. We at Offset Films archive our finished projects, keeping the assets and files safe for up to a year after completion, that way if a member of staff leaves or something changes it can be replaced by only a few hours work rather than having to create a whole new film, causing minimal cost and inconvenience to our customers.

This archived footage can also lead to additional returns from your footage. Why not re-purpose your content. With a new interview or by changing the message you could gain more benefits from previously un-used footage, instead of commissioning a whole new film.

There you have it, as long as your content stays relevant and can still give value to customers – then keep using it. Why not think about adding new and original content. But if you begin to suspect that the content is no longer relevant then there are other options than fully remaking the Video.

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Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott
Jun 30, 2023

Hi, you are engaged in video marketing, so my question will be exactly at the address. Which application from this article is suitable for creating cool videos. However, I am quite a beginner and I have little knowledge in this.

Laurence Scott
Laurence Scott
Jul 02, 2023
Replying to

Thank you very much for your question - To cut straight to the point, there are lots of things required to create film and video. You need a camera, editing software and a subject. The subject is obviously what you want to make videos about, but the other parts depend on how much you can invest, not only money but time.

In terms of cameras, you have cine cameras if you can purchase or even rent one. You could purchase a DSLR - we started working with a Canon 60D 8 years ago (we still use this camera for still to this day). You could use your phone; many phone cameras can create HD video. But everyone one of these…

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