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5 ways to spot a great video.

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

A well made video can become a 24/7 sales tool, 365 days a year. It can be shared across social media, bringing in new clients. It could be shared with potential customers before a sales call, saving valuable time on the call. Videos can be used to build an audience for your brand, a solid foundation of customers that come back time and time again for your product or services. There are many possible benefits for businesses that use video within their marketing.

Knowing how to spot a well made video can help you understand what to look for if you decide that video could be a benefit to your business.

Here are 5 things to look for in a great video.

  • The sounds of the film should be in balance; nothing should sound distorted or clipped. With music, any voices and sound effects all mixed. Often when recording people will talk with different volumes or they will get louder or quieter as they’re energy changes. Making sure that you audience or viewer can hear the message is important to them continuing to engage.

  • Does the film or video contain some kind of story, something for you to follow? Twists and turns which create drama and intrigue, which make you want to carry on watching. Even projects made from a montage of images can have something for audiences to follow and a journey to be taken on.

  • Does the content have a variety of shots, is it visually dynamic? With a mix of wide shots, medium shots and close ups, clever editing can whisk your audience away on your intended journey.

  • Does the music compliment the style of the film or video, does it add to the pacing and build up – a sense of excitement or entertainment from the product or service. Music plays a big role in building emotion for the audience, so make sure the emotion associated is the intended one.

  • Finally, how well does the subject of the film or video stand out. Are they clearly visible, is the whole thing over exposed or too dark that no one can actually see your images. Exposure and lighting will also affect the colours within the film. Are the brand colours accurate, do they change from shot to shot.

Overall the ideal thing a film and video can do is get viewers to engage with it from start to finish. Entertain people so they want to share it with friends and others. This means that 1 video could then be seen by hundreds of thousands of potential customers giving you the best chance to get new sales.


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