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When is the best time to make Film and Video content?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

The best time of year for businesses to make film and video is a difficult question to answer. It really depends on the type of business you are running and the objectives of the video. Generally, though, there are a few key times throughout the year that are particularly advantageous for businesses to roll out video content. Holidays are a great time for Product related content. New year is a great time to excite audiences about the future. Spring is a great time for outdoor activities.

Planning is everything; having targeted content in front of your audience at the right time is key. Think about the adverts you often see around the summer season, we often see lots of adverts for outdoor activities, sauces, barbecue’s, quality meat and drinks. If you were selling a Christmas themed product, releasing lots of video content around the summer runs the risk of a lower engagement, because people are not going to be thinking about using your product. In this example you can still create the content around the end of summer and autumn and then choose to release it when you content is relevant for your audience.

Timing is very important for products that may be considered more seasonal. But that doesn’t mean that you may not be able to release video content that covers the ethos of the business, new goals, video testimonials and much more. This type of content can be used throughout the year to build brand awareness, engage customers and ultimately build sales.

When not creating season specific content: why not celebrate staff, company milestones or successful case studies – tell your story! This type of content will keep your customers engaging with you and any subsequent marketing activity will be able to reach further.

Another important idea to consider is how the film will look. Summer is often our busiest time when making films for several reasons: summer content often feels brighter, happier and warmer also we get the most hours of light to capture content with the lowest chance of adverse weather. What we can forget is lots of content can actually be made inside, where we can control the lighting and create warm and wonderful scenes.

Generally with the power of modern cameras, we can actually film in a flat profile, this will look very de-saturated coming out of the camera but when we edit it we have a massive amount of control in making the image consistent with the feeling and message we want our audience to gain.

The best performing films and videos out there will take the audience on a journey, resonate emotionally and impart some kind of value to them. Consider how excited customers get every year about the John Lewis Christmas adverts. These are entertaining and emotionally engaging, audiences around the world come back year on year to watch and enjoy. Social media is always buzzing around late November and early December with the anticipation and conversation about the adverts.

To make sure you have content available for the appropriate release timelines, make sure you plan in advance. From idea generation to completion of a film, we have a typical timeline of 4-6 weeks. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to have the content made and signed off before the desired release date. Remember no longer do we need to stick to filming summer content within the summer months, we have lots of ways to create content all throughout the year.

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