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What is "inbound marketing" and why is it so powerful for businesses?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

We are strong believers in “inbound marketing” - marketing which creates high quality content with the express purpose to enlighten, delight or challenge its viewers. Creating relationships with potential customers before they even know they need the product or service. At the end of the day customers will purchase products or services which will solve a problem, ease their life or entertain them. Until they see and hear about you, they will not know that you have a solution to their problem.

This form of content will empower your customer to make an informed decision about their purchase, and on their own timeframe. This may sound risky, but the way we buy in society is changing. We have never been as educated about prices, competitors and the pros and cons. At least this way you can make sure your audience are receiving accurate and interesting information from you, when they are ready to buy.

Because you give value to your viewers, people will subscribe and come back for more. Meaning you can build a captive audience that is interested in your products and services, giving you the best chance of getting repeat business in the future.

In contrast “Outbound marketing” - sending emails and cold calling can be abrasive for customers, if you don’t frustrate them then you stand a very little chance of contacting them at the time when they are actually ready to buy. And everyone hates cold calling really.

We would also love “inbound marketing” because as film makers, we are content creators.


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