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Think big, to be BIG - Why Big Brands use Film and Video within their marketing?

Film and Video is a very powerful tool to help your marketing reach further and engage more customers. Just by increasing your brand awareness every future marketing action that you complete will have an increased engagement.

Video will engage your viewers on an emotional level; it resonates with your target audience and will leave a lasting impression. That emotional connection will build repeat business. Emotional connections will lead your viewers to be active, even if the product or service may not be for them – they may know someone who can benefit and are more likely to share the content with them.

Video builds trust and loyalty, as a customer you can see the features and benefits of a product or service it is much easier to reflect on the benefits personally.

Let’s face it we are bombarded with marketing material every day, from social media, to billboards and we can become blind to it. Film and Video can breathe life back into a stale campaign, refresh audiences and bring about quality engagement. Those qualified leads and potential customers that come to your business will have some knowledge of what it is they want, providing a better sales opportunity, saving you time and effort.

With the rise of social media and technological advances with film making equipment, the thought that film and video is an expensive form of marketing is just not true anymore. Never before have we had access to high end equipment at affordable prices. Compared to other forms of digital marketing, we often get quotes for radio advertising of upwards of £500 a month, Search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising costing closer to £1000 a month. Even newspaper and magazine advertising in the long run can be more expensive that one of our films. Compared to Our promotional film packages which can be relevant for between 1 to 3 years.

It has never been a better time to invest in Film and Video. Think like the long established and successful brands and unlock the growth potential that comes with utilising Film and Video.


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