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How can businesses give value to their audience?

Growing a business is all about being able to give your customers value. The products and services sold are designed to solve a problem for a customer even if that problem is in fact boredom.

Think about it, products such as a mop or a Hoover may not at face value seem like the most exciting thing in the world. But often customers may do intense research making sure they get the right product that will not only last but with clean the home right first time.

Think of the customers purchase as an investment in the future, the ease of use and the time they save for the future will allow them more free time to prioritise other activities. Customers will invest substantially in the right product and the support for the future.

This begs the question: how can businesses give value to their audience? Many businesses will have a show room and will give hands on demo’s to show a customer the value the product can bring to them. This is fantastic and can often lead to increased sales, but it is a time consuming endeavour that requires a lot of moving parts. You need a trained sales representative; you need a space with light and heat. You may also find that potential customers will only travel so far to reach your show room, so you may find your locality will limit the amount of potential customers that will come by for a demo.

Many businesses forget that their website can in fact become a virtual showroom, film and video can be utilised on the website to give potential customers a visual experience of the product in action, without them having to visit. There is a saying that a “picture says a thousand words” – well video can get across even more in a short amount of time for audiences. Give value to your potential customers by giving them more information about the product:

Why does it stand out above the competition? What amazing design features have you added to help your customer? How are other people using it? What support is there for the future with their investment?

Even better film and video can provide value in an entertaining and interesting way. Answering frequently asked questions can give customers confidence and save your staff time. Film and video can gain you more qualified leads; you give your customers the opportunity to understand the value from your business. The enquiries you receive will be more likely to purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next shoot and give your customers value.


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