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We are proud to say we have just renewed our Drone License.

We use drones regularly to tell stories from a different perspective, showing off the facilities that schools and businesses have to offer.

Drones allow for a diverse range of shots, not only can you get stunning shots from up to 400ft but they also allow for other amazing shots. We can get amazing tracking shots, push ins and reveals on a scale that before would have required massive budgets. The power of the drones that we have and use now is that the cameras have gimbals attached, meaning that we can combine all manner of movements and capture shots that will amaze your audience.

We have been fortunate enough to capture drone shots for lots of different projects including a local feature film, branded content and corporate films.

Having a drone license is a privilege, and a promise. A promise that we not only have the appropriate accreditation and insurance but we will fly carefully and diligently to make sure that we can be as safe as possible. It is important to know your drone pilot is licensed and insured, not only can you put members of the public in danger but flying without appropriate licensing can also lead to criminal charges.

Should you need a Drone Pilot:

Ariel view of Cambridge Campus
Ariel view of Cambridge Campus


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