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Video as an asset for your business!

Video as an investment for any business can provide a return in a multitude of ways. Video adds value to customers. Bringing them into your journey and showing off all of the potential benefits of your product or service. Understanding your intended outcome is vital to achieving your goals when using video in your business. Consider your video an asset or product for the business.

Product videos can go into depth on the key features of your products. Show everyone why it’s great? How you designed it to solve problems and streamline efficiency for them. Not only can you have the videos on your website, but you can use it as a communication tool. After customers purchase you can send them helpful tips and tricks. By maintaining contact with customers you stand a better chance at acquiring repeat business.

Promotional videos are a great way to show off your team and ethos. Consider the business as a whole and be proud about your story. Show off the range of what you do, where you do it and if you have won any awards or recognition for what you do. When thinking about outcomes: think about your audience, how you want to engage them and finally plan for where you’re going to engage them. Can you connect across social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Linked in – this will affect the way you communicate within your film. The more pro-active you can be with your film the better, add it to groups that would be interested.

Video can be used successfully as a sales tool, add a discount code to the film or video. Track the sales to that particular product. Give people a reason to watch and engage. Track views to sales figures and understand how the film is performing.

Rich content such as photos and video will increase your organic SEO and help you rank higher in Google. Make sure you are doing everything possible for customers to find your website. Let’s face it, we all look to Google and search engines when we want to find an answer. You have a certain amount of time to capture your audience’s imagination, if you do not have the answers in an engaging way they are likely to move on.

Film and Video can also be used within re-marketing campaigns. How often do you find that you have been researching a product and then a few hours later you find social media or YouTube is then sending you advert about a similar product? Not all customers are ready to buy first time, but a reminder of your amazing product can become the tipping point to turn that viewer into a customer.

Thinking about using video as an asset can change the way you think go about marketing. After all you have invested in getting the video made, just adding it to your website (although good) will not maximise your return on investment. There are many avenues to utilising video correctly and if you make sure you are sharing across social media, adding it to your newsletter, retargeting your ad, making it clear and visible on your website. Remember a video can be valid for several years, so this is an asset, by using it over and over again in that time you will maximise growth for your business.


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