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Video increases the time customers spend on your website.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Shop window with sale signs

Your website is a digital shop window, allowing you to show your products and services to people beyond your immediate geography. Once you have visitors to your website you want your information to be as interesting as possible. The longer a customer is on your website the more likely they are to purchase from you. Well made videos are the best content for keeping customers on your website. Video is creative, engaging and gives the most information to your audience. If you have a 3 minute promotional video on your website, then you will increase the amount of time that people stay on that page for. As once they hit play they should be watching the video and will not need to carry on scrolling for a while.

website analytics chart with views engagements and likes

The longer people are on your website, the more chance to have of answering their questions and solving any concerns. You are then educating and empowering your audience. You are giving them the chance to see what they like and make an informed decision. When they come to purchase from you, they will have a clearer frame of reference for what they need and want and it will save you or your sales team valuable time.

On the other hand, you are also qualifying your customers, those that watch the video will be able to find out very quickly if this is the product or service they are looking for. If the product or service is not something they want, then your sales team can focus their time on working with potential customers who are interested.

It’s not just product or service videos that keep potential customers on your website, video testimonials are a great way to build customer confidence. We rely on reviews regularly to give us the final nudge of confidence to buy. Video testimonials are a great way to show happy customers and show your product in use, giving another reason for customers to spend longer on your website.

Keeping your customers engaged with your offering is key to gaining the sale over your competitors. Having video on your website gives a great way to build confidence and engage them for longer. Using video across social media is another way to bring new qualified customers to your website. Build a following across socials, allow them to share with friends and family and not only will you see more views to your website but you will also increase the amount of time they spend. This will help with your organic SEO and finally increase your sales.


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