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Great marketing tells stories!

An open storybook

The key to any form of marketing is to be engaging. I am sure you have heard it many times, but it doesn’t matter whether you are creating a website, a social media post or a video it needs structure. Structures that will make potential customers want to explore, or take the journey with you.

A Forest path extending off to the horizon, perfect for a journey

There are lots of theories on story structure but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Great stories should have a beginning, middle and an end.

What is the start of your customer’s journey? What was the start of the business journey (The need or niche its fills)? Everything started somewhere, often when working with businesses this is the fire that fuels the passion and enthusiasm of the team.

Then consider how the product or service came to form in the way it did? What troubles and tribulations where overcome? How did that shape the future of the business? – As you take your customers on this journey, it will build trust as they will see beyond the business. It will also inspire dialogue and openness for your customers to give feedback, letting you better tailor your offerings to suit their needs.

The middle of your story can show off the business. The staff, premises and assets that allow you to do what you do efficiently and cleanly. Think about the corporate responsibilities, are you able to show off your green initiative. A business is often created with a series of systems and processes which allow the business to deliver consistency for customers.

Finish it all off by summarising how all of this pulls together to create a brilliant product or service, and how the end user will benefit from all your creative solutions. Create excitement for the future, consider how you may adapt to changing markets and keep relevant for the future.

Website home page on a laptop computer

This approach can be brought too many different forms of marketing. Create a social media campaign by fragmenting these bits of information, and releasing them over time. Let people know when they can expect the next instalment. Build your viewing figures over time.

Think about your customer journey on your website, how does it lead potential customers to what they are interested in? Does it guide your audience through the next steps, answering their questions, empowering them and leading them to engage.

Stories are an integral part of human nature, as children we learn through fables and stories – gaining valuable knowledge about the world and our place in it. This goes all through our life. To really engage with your audience and take you’re marketing to the next level, make sure you are utilising stories.

Taking it a step further think about the story beyond the immediate story you are telling. What is the overall journey you want to guide your audience on. Can you plan a month that goes in depth on a certain product or service, then feature another the next month. How does your content build to create a whole picture that is your brand.

To begin the journey and start telling stories with video:


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