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Get video made for your business, for a fraction of the price!

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

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There is no doubting that we are in difficult time for the economy. There are cost of living rises which are pushing prices up across the board. But it is great to see that there are also opportunities out there for help and support.

Recently at a networking event we discovered the digital springboard provided by MENTA. There are all sorts of support available from coaching and grants.

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There looks to be lots of support they can provide – they can help fund digital projects from websites to videos.

This is where we could be of assistance, if you are thinking about video – but are worried about the costs, the digital springboard can help you fund videos for a fraction of the price. Applying for funding for our standard corporate film package for £1499 + VAT would mean you actually only pay around 40% (£599.60 + VAT).

Video can change your business in many ways: gain new leads, convert more leads and increase sales. Build brand awareness and increase the effectiveness of all future marketing.

In terms of growth for our business, we are going to apply and see if we can receive support for our website. Although we are happy with the design there are always things that we would like to improve. At the end of the day, running a business is about continued improvement.

So if you are looking at ways to grow your business, why not see if there are organisations out there that can help. What have you got to lose?


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