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How to get the best from your film and video content!

A story board arstist drawing storyboards for a film shoot

So much work goes into the planning and preparation when creating video. Before we even begin the shoot: we create scripts, shot lists, storyboards - we prepare locations, props and crew then we need to execute to shoot capturing all the required content. Once the content is gathered, we go into post production- we cut, fix colour, add music the finally deliver the required content.

The journey to create film and video content takes time and effort.

Every process takes time and planning, the final release of your content should be no different.

So how do we make sure we get the final content in front of our intended audience?

Various social media posts with views and data

It’s important to understand that social media platforms want people to stay with their platform. So it is not considered best practice to upload your video to 1 source and then share it across other platforms. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linked In and Google all are a great place to start sharing your content. Different platforms would have access to different customers.

Upload directly to each platform; remember hashtags or keywords which would be appropriate to them. What are they interested in? How would your business help them? What are they searching for?

Platforms like facebook can even allow you to “pin” your post, which will mean any new customers searching for your business should see your top post is a video.

Film and Video is far more engaging to potential customers.

Video editing timeline with various video audio and visual effects.

Adding a video to your website will also improve your ranking just be cautious about hosting the video directly as it can slow your website down. Using something like YouTube or Vimeo is a great way to host video and link it onto your website.

Updating your Google profile is another way that you can use digital content to increase your ranking. Often businesses forget to update their Google business profile.

While shooting the Film and Video, it’s a great time to capture some additional pictures; those can be used before the intended release to help build some suspense around the film.

In summary, to ensure that you get the best return on your investment from your film and video content – make sure you post directly to each platform, grow your audience with tailored content to your potential customers. Make sure you post across each platform that you use. Try to use multiple pieces of content to build suspense for the longer main film or video.


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