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How long should my promotional film be?

This is a question that customers often ask us, and the answer will always depend on what is the purpose for the film and how it is intended to reach its audience.

Thinking about where you may engage your customers: Promotional content up to 3 minutes will work across Facebook, Linked in, website and newsletters. Tic Tok and Instagram do tend to prefer shorter content, so you may find 15 – 30 second videos perform well.

But the most important thing to consider is the story or message you are telling. How long does that story require to tell?

Product videos and How to’s need to go into much more granular detail and audiences are going to be willing to watch for longer, so 5-10 minutes maybe even more.

Video testimonials can deliver a heartfelt message within 45-60 seconds.

Ultimately it comes down to the value that the films will add to the viewer, if the content is entertaining and educational then audiences are always willing to engage for longer, or in the case of the shorter content, customers may engage with more.

This is where pre-production is very important – understanding the message and the platform you use to deliver that message will be a big part in deciding how long to make your content. Making sure that it is as successful as possible.

Remember that some of the longer form content could be videos that are valid for life, an investment now might mean that your product demo, or how to can become a tool you can use for years to come, generating a massive return on investment.

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