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How to use Film and Video to solve problems for businesses?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Film and video solve a multitude of problems for businesses, charities and event organisers. By first identifying the problem we can then identify what film or video package is best placed to solve that issue.

So if you or someone you know running a business can identify with any of these issues:

Lack of brand awareness. Not enough sales. Customers not converting. Competition within your sector. Staff retention. Time lost in the business.

Film and Video give you an active tool to solve these issues, with that in mind we have different Film and video packages specifically designed to target certain issues. If you have a lack of brand awareness then use video across social media; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube will give you access to a much wider audience to let them know about your brand. Why not use a social media campaign or video testimonials to deliver regular video content for 6 weeks. Join groups or make your own full of people who would have an interest in your product or service and then share it with them. Use branded content to get your product or service associated with a certain lifestyle.

Film and video used upon your website will make it rank higher on Google. Ranking higher will mean that people will have more chance of finding you and not your competitors. Our promotional film packages are designed to show an overview of your business or service to potential customers. Send the film out in a blog, or monthly newsletter. Tell your story and convert your customers into fans.

Remove any doubt in customer’s minds as to why they should purchase your product. Video testimonials can build confidence in the product. Our Frequently Asked Questions package can show that you are pro-active about answering customers questions, save you time and ensure customers are fully informed. A customer will want to buy a product that they are confident will solve their problem.

Often a customer may want a lot of information about a product to make a decision to buy. The problem is keeping your audience engaged so they listen. Film and Video will give you an edge upon your competition by entertaining your audience whilst also giving them the information they need to know, for more information checkout our Product Video package.

Staff is a company’s biggest asset, we all know that it’s expensive to train new staff. Training videos can be an amazing tool to keep everyone up to date with training. Keeping it consistent and maintaining staff expectations will mean that your product will always meet your customer’s expectations. Our staff Bio's are also a great way for customers to feel more connected with your business.

Film and Video becomes a tool for you to communicate your message with customers and staff. Whatever that message is, film and video will allow you to save time, keep consistency and grow your business in a sustainable manner. Why not use our new online booking system and get a solution to your problems now!

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Mar 03

Screen recorders can be a powerful tool for solving business problems in various ways:

Document and share processes: Record your screen to create step-by-step guides, tutorials, and training materials, ensuring that processes are followed consistently and knowledge is easily shared.Troubleshoot technical issues: Capture screen recordings of software glitches or system errors to help identify and resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Provide remote support: Use screen recordings to guide customers or colleagues through technical issues or product demonstrations, even when you're not physically present.

Create marketing and sales materials: Record product demos, webinars, and presentations to showcase your products or services and engage potential customers.

By using a screen recorder, businesses can improve communication, streamline processes, troubleshoot problems, and create…

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