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How we are upsetting the Film industry with fair and transparent pricing!

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

We have organised packages which will deliver a range of solutions. With all the information at your fingers tips, about how we make the films, the equipment and expertise we will provide and information about what we expect from our customers. We even have a new online booking tool so you can buy when it’s convenient for you.

Even though we may follow a formulaic approach to the film and deliverables, each film is still bespoke. Each film is made with an original script, broken down into its component parts and then we capture the story. Everyone’s story is unique: How and why do you do what you do, do you see a problem and could provide the solution.

The package prices cover the time, expertise and equipment we bring to each project – without compromising creativity.

By having prices and a booking system on our website we are unlike any other film production company we know of.

We know it can be frustrating as a customer to be doing some research on an up and coming purchase, you want to know key information: price and what you’ll get. But if the information is not readily available it can make customers turn away. The fact is having a conversation with 3-5 companies, telling each of them your issue and what you want and having it priced up can take hours, if not days.

That’s why we knew we had to do something to help. And even better, all our customers will know they are getting a fair deal. If they are a sole trader looking to get some extra advertising or a business with 100 employees, they will get a fair price for the service that they desire.

We do also know that our film and video packages may not suite everyone, but they are a starting point. They are a way for someone to understand what they may need to budget for a project. We will still quote for work if it falls outside of the scope of our packages. If we regularly come across businesses that want a specific service we will endeavour to create a package to fill that need.

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