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Be seen and be remembered – use video!

I was reading an article recently that considered how we learn. The article talked about the percentage of information that someone can retain when it is digested through different means: from hearing it, watching it and being able to explain it to someone else.

women explaining maths on a whiteboard infront of a camera

There is no surprise that information gained through video was better than just being told; meaning that more information was retained by viewers who were watching and engaging.

How can we use this to our advantage? By finding ways to add video into our marketing activities we can increase the quality and amount of engagement the each piece receives.

Any business or charity needs a steady flow of new customers. Making sure that you not only get new leads but that your customers remember will supercharge your growth.

brown card board box with new sticker on it

How does video stand out above other digital marketing endeavours?

By engaging audience members on an emotional level, telling them a story or taking them on a journey – we are able to create memorable and engaging content that people want to share with their friends.

There is a reason why Youtube and other such video platforms do so well. These platforms have an amazing amount of knowledge to be shared. They’re viewers are excited to use the platform and love to share content with friends. And by using the right hash tags and search terms – videos can bring in new business for years to come.

One of our clients is still using a series of films we made for them more than 7 years ago. The films are still delivering new customers, not only gaining new views but generating repeat business too.

Be remembered – to begin your journey with video.

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