Drone Showreel

Founded back in 2015, Offset Films aims to provide a one stop shop for all things Film and Video in East Anglia and across the UK. We have helped our clients with a wide variety of digital content, from corporate films, Events, Live Streams, Documentaries and even Feature Films.

Our award winning team specialise in creating quality, story driven content. By telling stories we can engage new customers, build brand identity and make our clients content reach further.

By owning our equipment and providing our services in house, we can save our clients time and money. Our equipment is tried and tested and used every day, meaning our staff is fast and effective at crafting every shot.

We even have our own studio space, with customisable backgrounds. This allows us to not only keep the costs down but also save time on set, as every extra moment can then be dedicated to gathering more great content.

Our team have extensive experience filming all over the UK and EU, even boarding flights with professional film and video production equipment. This means no shot is unachievable.

The film making process should be a fun and exciting time. From the idea generation and script writing, through planning and logistics then the production process and final edit, we are always on hand to guide our clients to creating thought provoking and engaging content which will resonate with their audience.

We aim to elevate our clients brand with stand out content, selling on the positive and creative solutions from each business. Getting customers excited about what you do and why is a great way to generate awareness, leads and sales.

Stories are how we communicate:  From everyday experiences to grand adventures. Stories have the power to bring people together, and I am sure you’ve heard it before – people buy from people.

At Offset Films we love to tell stories - Let us tell yours.