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5 reasons for businesses to work with Offset Films!

Choosing your film production company can be a difficult decision. Especially as we have shown in another one of our blogs( , Suffolk is a hot bed of film making talent. But here are 5 reasons why you would choose to work with Offset Films to create your Film and Video content.

1) Creativity: We have worked across Feature Film, TV and Advertising creating a wide range of very successful content. This experience and a love of film making means we are really creative with everything we create.

2) Equipment: We own all our equipment. We work with cinema grade equipment every day, we know its limitations in and out and we can work fast and efficiently. Maximising every shot and capturing a wider variety of content allowing for a more engaging and interesting final product, without having to pay extra for equipment rental elsewhere.

3) Simple fixed pricing: We have a clear pricing structure, with packages available to provide all kinds of benefits for businesses, schools and charities. As we are the film making professionals we know what we need from: crew and equipment to create certain films. These packages allow our customers to see what kind of film they need, or what problem they need to use video to solve and then we can provide the rest.

4) Online Booking system: We have an online booking system, you can see availability, you can see our packages and then you can book your shoot, pay your deposit and get the process started within only a few moments. This allows us to spend more time focusing more on the pre production required to create an amazing film.

5) Planning: We have a structure for pre production and planning the shoot which ensures success. By meticulously planning the script before hand, we can break it down for the required shots. Meaning when we arrive we have a plan to follow, with timings built in to make sure we can capture all the required content efficiently. We will work with our customers to create the script and we also have a fairly unique way of getting our onscreen talent to deliver the script, which is simply breaking it down line by line. By doing this we can keep our on screen talent relaxed and make sure the shoot is stress free as we go about the production process.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why you should choose Offset Films for your next film production. And remember we are an award winning independent film Production Company based in East Anglia, with a studio full of equipment and a team of highly skilled crew. All Businesses, Schools and Charities can benefit from Film and Video content.


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