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Will I own the filmed content?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Yes! When working with Offset Films,you will have been a part of the

film production process. As our client, once you have paid the final payment,

you will own the rights to your content.

The final film product will have been made with no small input from our customers. We will be bringing their story to life, their product or service. Although as we will have brought our artistic and film making knowledge to help make the film and as such under our terms and conditions we would expect to have use of the content within our marketing and advertising.

Understanding that some content that we capture may be confidential, we will not use any content which our clients deem as sensitive.

We are also happy to provide a copy of all the footage captured if needed. You would just need to provide us with a hard drive for the appropriate amount of footage. We will charge £40 + VAT for our time in copying all the material onto the drive.

It would be important to know that the cameras we use will record in a RAW format. This format is amazing for film making, because it allows us a lot of creativity in the editing process but the files can end up being large. For best results if you want to work with the footage afterwards, we would recommend using Davinci Resolve.

Remember we will keep the footage backed up for 12 months for you free of charge, if there is anything within that time you would like us to change we would charge a standard fee of £40 + VAT for the duration of the time required to implement those changes. And we are happy to assist our customers whenever we can.

For more information about our terms and conditions they can be found here: Or within our website footer.

Offset Films Terms & Conditions of Business 6.1.2023
Download PDF • 1.02MB


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