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Why you should be using Video to help recruitment.

A staff meeting with alot of professionals in a boardroom

As a business we know that staff are the lifeblood of our business; delivering our services to our clients. As we gain more clients and their needs grow, businesses require more staff to be able to cater to their customer needs.

Recruitment is a costly process: from running adverts to interviews to training – so making sure that you get the right candidate is important.

A Curriculum Vitae

Written adverts can struggle to capture the essence of a business, why they would want to work for the company long term. This is something that can lead to a higher turnover of staff.

Using Video is a great way to show off the ethos of the business, some of the roles and responsibilities they would have and how the role can help them build their career.

It’s a much more engaging way to get potential staff excited about working for the business.

It also shows that the business cares about its staff, investing in getting the right staff - Showing that you are willing to invest in getting the right people.

Young preofessionals standing outside a professional building

Recruitment videos are also a great way to gain more interest for the position. People may see jobs listed across social media that would be perfect for a friend or loved one and they care share the posts simply.

If you are advertisng a new position:

The next step would be using videos for training; training videos can provide a consistent way of prepping staff for their position. Helping them to stay focused and delivering the services on brand.


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