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What is “assignment selling”? How can video unlock this powerful sales strategy?

Many businesses are using assignment selling in some form of another. If you send information to a customer before a sales meeting then you are using “assignment selling”. By giving your customer key facts you are saving time at the meeting, this important information will improve the quality of the meeting. Allowing your customers to have a much better understanding of the products and service and what they may want will make the sales meeting much more productive.

So how can Video make this process even better? By making the video once, you can create a tool which can be shared to every potential customer and help you convert more of them.

Video is a great way to lay the foundation that a customer would need to make a purchasing decision. By turning it into a film it’s much more engaging for customers that text or images alone.

It shows you have thought about your customer journey and will build confidence for their decision to purchase.

There you have it, save your team valuable time every day whilst converting more sales. Why wouldn’t you begin implement assignment selling with video now?


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