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The rise of explainer Videos!

There are lots of different names these types of videos can be considered by: explainer videos, video business cards or promotional films. No matter the name it is an undeniable fact that these videos are becoming more common. Businesses are using this type of video on their website, social media and YouTube to bring customers on a journey with them.

The power of video is that you can show your audience what makes you special. Show them your creativity, facilities and people.

Add names and faces to those people who are running the business, emphasise their passion and enthusiasm to the business. What are the experiences that have shaped that business into what it is? How it delivers for customers? and what is exciting about the future?

These are all opportunities to answer customer questions and build excitement – levelling up your customers into super fans. Super fans will not only help you sell your business by recommending your services but they will often come back again and again. Build trust for your audience.

I am sure you have heard it before but repeat business is profit.

This type of video is so popular and generates great returns because people are much more comfortable to buy from people. They want to know that their purchase is important; that as a customer they will be supported if things go wrong. They want to be confident the product will do what it says. Also think about how to engage customers for the future, let them know that’s coming add, any additions and upgrades, make them want to come back.

Think about the last time you had a question, or wanted to get a new product. How did you get the answer, did you use a search engine like Google? Did you want to read lots of text or look at a few pictures? Did you find a video? Which one did you use and which one did you want to find your answer in.

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