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Suffolk based content creators.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

As Suffolk based content creators we work regularly creating film and video content for businesses, schools and charities. We were delighted when we got a call from our good friend Matt Hasler from He was working on a content refresh for a customer’s website.

The brief was simple – Create a series of video banners for each service page, showcasing the amazing machines and capabilities they have.

First of all we had to agree the pixel size of banners. Most of the promotional material we make has an aspect ratio the same as TV – 16:9

We agreed that full width would be suitable so 1920 pixels wide but the height should be more like 600 pixels.

This changed the way we needed to shoot; we knew we were going to have to shoot everything a little wider. We needed the top and bottom of our image to sit within around half of screen.

So we had a list of the 10 machines and processes we needed to show off and we had some framing guides for each shot. Another consideration in terms of framing was the use of negative space. When shooting such a wide aspect ratio there are lots of opportunities to create space for logos and text.

After we shot all of content and got into edit. We delivered the video banners.

Once we had the content all together it’s important to consider how we can maximise it. Matt got in touch and said that the client was at an exhibition the following week, and it would be a great opportunity to show the video content.

So we cut together the banners into a compilation and they showed it at the exhibition, giving another opportunity for their video content to convert potential customers.

Film and video content can be used in a variety of ways, it’s important to get the most out of your content. Content on the website will help increase dwell times of potential customers and convert more. It will help raise your profile on Google. When getting content created or thinking about it, be sure to think outside the box, think how many different places you can use. Make your website visually stunning, boost your social media or use it to start conversations at a trade show.


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