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Stories drive change!

Checkout the proud new addition to our office – Excalibur!

Excalibur hanging on the wall in our office

As lovers of stories, myths and fairytales – Excalibur is a constant reminder of the power that stories have to educate us, inspire us and drive us to change.

For many years our histories was passed from generation to generation through stories. Fairy tales teach our kids about the danger of the modern word. Stories told across religion inspire the devout to service.

By communicating your story and your experiences you can create emotions for your audience. This engagement will build your audience, turn them into customers and make them feel part of something bigger.

That’s how the biggest brands in the world keep growing their audience and stay key players in the market. They bring their audience on for the ride, keeping them engaged, tell users stories, show people their product in use and how it became what it is. Creating opportunities for your audience to engage with you will keep you in their thoughts- and keep customers coming back.

Stories will entertain your audience; make them want to share with their friends and network. Allow you to leverage the power of social media to increase your customer base.

Excalibur is important to us, as we grew up with the stories of King Arthur. We visit Cornwall regularly and the castle of Tintagel and we are firm believers in understanding our history to help us work out where we are going for the future.

Why not come and visit us, check out “the sword from the stone” and tell your story!


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