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Planning an event, 5 reasons you should film it!

Red carpet outside an event

There can be many reasons for businesses and charities to hold events; to celebrate their staff, milestones, awards even training. When getting your team together this is a great chance to use film and video to capture it.

1) Film and Video is a great way to keep the memory of where you have been, which can help the business keep on track for the future. You can use it across social media to create dialogue with your customers and staff.

2) Let customers know about any awards you have won. Celebrate with them and build confidence with your future customers.

3) By getting all your staff together you can make sure that everyone is working towards to same goal. You can keep training up to date and move forward with a clearer goal in sight.

4) A ticketed event can become a product in itself. Use the previous films and videos to build hype for the next one, engage more people and sell more tickets.

5) There is lots of content that you could make from one event. Why not interview staff and customers, talk about exciting opportunities for the future. Talk about new products or processes which will improve products. Let your audience see the faces and names that bring the company to life every day.

There you have it, 5 reasons why you should be filming events for your business.

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