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Nothing wrong with asking for help!

As a business owner, we have to balance the day to day operations of the business with planning the growth a future development of the business. Sometimes it can even be hard to find out where new opportunities could be.

That’s why we brought on Martin Baillie from Action Coach in Bury.

Silhoette of a man standin on the end of a deck with mountains ahead of him

By joining one of his coaching groups we have been able to streamline business process, create time to plan for the future and seek new opportunities. All this as pain free as possible. The business guidance has been incredible valuable in accelerating the growth process for us.

During our sessions not only have we had opportunities to learn and reflect upon the business, but we are also chatting with a group of other business owners. There are several benefits to hearing from other business owners - you see others falling into traps that you have and can give guidance and other businesses which are more established can also guide you.

Close up signing a contract for new business

Connecting with other business owners can often lead to more work for your business as you realise that there are in fact ways you can help and support each other.

That’s why we were happy with using Martin and we have no regrets. By reframing some of the tasks we didn’t necessarily enjoy doing, now we are more focused on the end goal. We are better at seeking our opportunities and better at speaking to potential customers for new business.

Especially as we enter an area of economic hardship as our post Brexit/ Covid economy there is no shame in getting some extra help and guidance. Trying something new could just be the push you need to achieve your goals.

To learn more about how Video can help you achieve your goals.


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