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How to write a promotional film script for a school or educational facility?

There is a reason why high end films and TV shows are created using a script. The script can ensure that your message is agreed upon by all. It also gives a focus for all other shots, allowing for a storyboard or shot list to be made. A script will allow your on screen talent to speak with conviction, reduce vocal filler and keeps the dialogue focused – without unwanted tangents. Planning the entire process will set up the production for the best success.

Now we know why the script is so important and sets out the plan for the rest of the process. Lets get to writing one.

Opening the script we want to start with the Hook – the first 3 seconds are very important to capture the viewer’s attention. For this reason we do not actually start here but we will return at the end.

Starting with the body of the film then, introduce the setting: What is the ethos of the school? What are the key skills they you want to impart upon your students? What facilities and opportunities does the school offer to give those skills? How does the school interact with the local community, are there sporting or artistic opportunities? What subjects do your students perform well in?

Show off your teaching staff, what makes them special? Let your current students have a moment to talk about why they enjoy being at the school.

When answering these questions, begin with wider details and then bury down into the micro elements.

Once you have the body of the script you can go back to the hook. How can you capture the imagination of the potential students who may want to study with you? How can you inspire parents to want to send their children to your school?

If you can bring in some of the alumni, where they are, what they have achieved great.

Remember all of this you should try to compress down into around 3 minutes. That way you can give a massive amount of information but still within an interesting and engaging manor.

Our final recommendation: once you have a completed script - read it out loud, make sure that each sentence reads well, and is not too long. Make sure that the sentiment and energy from each sentence will flow from one to another.

There you have it! You should now have a completed script for an awesome promotional film. Your final step is to give us a call and book your shoot.

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