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How much does a video cost for my School?

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Video is a brilliant tool for many learning facilities to solve a problem. We have created a variety of different films and videos for learning institutions across the whole of Suffolk and East Anglia, for many different reasons. So first we must establish what we need to achieve, then we can make sure we create content that will deliver upon its intended outcomes.

Do you need more students at your facility? Do you want to increase your engagement within your local community? Do you need to share new leadership messages? Do you want your website to be more engaging and interesting for users? Do you want to reduce anxiety for students joining your school? If you answer yes to any of these then a 3 minute promotional film will be the answer.

A 3 minute promotional film will give students and parent’s confidence within the facility. It will be able to show them exactly why they should be excited to attend the educational facility. Showing off the facilities and the faculty will reduce anxiety for future students and also allow you to begin a dialogue where you can show off what sets you apart from other local educational settings. Rich content such as video will also help increasing organic SEO making your website reach further.

All of these amazing benefits from just one film, from just £1499 + VAT.

If staff retention is a problem, then why not check out our recruitment film package. Give new potential staff an idea of your ethos, what is important to your educational setting. Make sure they are excited about their future with the setting my making sure that it’s the right choice for both of you. Staff recruitment films, teacher’s bios and subject intros start at £999 + VAT giving you up to 6 films between 30 and 60 seconds.

Finally, another way to inspire confidence within the local community is to use video testimonials from parents and students. Happy students and parents talking about how amazing their experience was and how it has set them or their kids up for a successful future is key to growing for the future.

Our video testimonial package costs £999 + VAT, which would also give you 5 30-60 seconds films.

We have built these packages with a process in mind to deliver them. They can be created with between half a day or a day worth of filming on site. We will have planned cut away shots so that we have the most success when bringing the film all together.

For our film packages for schools we always operate with a 2 person crew. We have a camera operator and sound engineer for making sure all interviews are captured to a professional standard. For guide prices on film crew please check out recommended

BECTU rates here: Our sound engineers are also trained as camera operators, so during any moments of capturing B roll and cut away shots we can get 2 different angles and types of shots.

We own all our equipment, which is another way that we can offer a single price option. As we have built packages that we know exactly what equipment is required and it is rigged for us to be able to move quickly whist getting stunning cinematic shots. Some production companies may not own their own equipment and may have to hire in cameras, lights and lenses between £150 and £400 per day.

Finally when we edit a project together, often between the editing, colour grading, audio master and graphics we can spend around 2 to 3 days per project. For more information on prices for editors please see BECTU guide for industry rates here: There you have it, we can provide simple packages with a clear price and structure to deliver film and videos for schools for a range of reasons.

We are also offering a Film refresh package for £899 + VAT. If you have had a promotional film made by us, then we can offer to spend another half day filming new interviews and required B roll. This is perfect if you have had staff leave or a new facility added to the school, we can just replace elements of the film. This can increase the longevity of the film and make your investment last longer.

If you are looking to have a film made for your school, why not use our online booking system and book your film shoot now.

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I'm sure a lot of the budget went to the people who worked on this video. Now I’m trying to edit my videos myself, and they talk about this in detail on this page, you can even change the video formats to the ones I need.
I advise you to try it, because this way you can save a lot of money.
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