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How long does it take to make a video for a business?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

We are often asked at Offset Films, if we want to have a video made how long will it take? This is a very important question to consider if your video is going to need to be ready for a certain time or date. Think Christmas promotions or a summer sales, if your product is going to have increased sales around a certain time, then dropping some promotional content just as we get approaching the specific season will lead to increased awareness and sales.

With this deadline in mind, work backwards – a 3 minute business overview film can take a week or two to edit, but once it is edited you may even want to spend some time showing others in your business or maybe some of your customers to make sure they receive it how you want them too. Building in an extra week can ensure that if you receive any final notes they can be implemented before release.

So 3 weeks before the ideal deadline would give you an idea for the latest you want to leave your shoot day. Speaking with your team, depending on who is needed for the filming you may even find that to get everyone together you need to consider giving a bit of a buffer, if someone is ill on the day giving yourself some time to pickup any further shots gives you the best product possible.

What are you going to film on the day? – script writing and shot listing will make the film crew more efficient on set and make sure they capture shots that are accurate for the message you want to convey. Planning the day around the people you have available at certain times or what activities or products you can cover when is paramount in being able to capture all the required content. This process could take a week or 2, from the script and shot list to being able to plan each location, subject and person we need to capture.

There you have it, for best results look ahead to when you want to release the film, when is it most relevant and how could it be used to best effect. Work backwards from that date 4-6 weeks and then get in touch with your local film production company.


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