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Film opportunities in Suffolk.

We often work with students and schools and are regularly asked about work experience opportunities – on occasion we are able to provide opportunities to get on set. Whenever it is appropriate we will do our best to give chances to aspiring film makers.

A fantastic resource that we always talk to students about within Suffolk is: Film Suffolk. As a network of local film makers we have frequently used it to fill on set roles and also found it a resource for paid production work.

We would advise that any local aspiring film makers check out Film Suffolk, specially as they are now embarking on their third feature film : Once upon a time in Suffolk.

We were really proud to have been part of the production crew working on their previous feature film The Haunted Hotel which got digital release on Amazon.

It was a great opportunity for local crew to get to meet and work together. It was also a chance for lots of local aspiring film makers to step up and gain other experiences.

With their announcement of their 3rd feature film: Once Upon a Time in Suffolk, we would be proud to be a part of the project, and we advise any aspiring film makers to like and subscribe to the Facebook: This film will need assistance with many different departments, at the moment the call is out for scripts and stories but as it goes into production we are sure this will be a great opportunity to gain skills.

Please stay up to date with the Film Suffolk Face book groups too:


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