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Do we have to capture all the footage required for my film on the day?

When planning your shoot you want to give thought to how you can show your audiences what you do as much as possible. It’s a much more interesting viewing experience. We are used to watching content on TV which has a real variety of shots, showing different perspectives, giving in depth details in a way that will take your audience on a journey of discovery.

Man watching Television

Think about how you can entertain your audience.

With all this in mind, there may be some shots that you just cannot capture. It may be due to budget restraints or time requirements but this is where stock footage can come in handy.

There are lots of different websites that can offer “stock” footage. Stock footage is a great way to show processes that might be vital to the business, but are not actually completed on site.

We have used stock footage successfully in many films over the years. This film for GCFabrications used historical footage from early race cars.

Another example: we created a series of promotional films for a school, we had lots of interviews and footage to capture at the school, with classes and students. Some of the opportunities the school offered were things like climbing and bowling, but these were not offered on site and required a trip for the students. On the shoot day sadly we didn’t have time to travel around to these other locations, but we were able to use stock to add texture to the film.

You do not have to capture all the footage for your film on your planned shoot days. As you may be able to use some stock footage, but planning is the key. When you are thinking about what you want to say and the journey your audience will be going on. If there are a few shots that you dont think you can get why not check some stock sites.

Stock sites we have used are Artgrid, shutter stock, Envato and Story blocks. These are just some of the Royalty free websites that we have used to get some awesome stock footage.


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