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Did you know we provide photography services in Suffolk?

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Film making and photography draw on the same foundations to create compelling images: composition, colour palette, subject, depth and lighting. All of these aspects combined create great digital content.

5 kids electric quadbikes all lines up with a veriety of colours.

Recently we have been combining video and stills to create digital content packages perfect for refreshing websites and social media.

From events, headshots and product photography, it’s been interesting taking on new challenges.

Within this brief it was important for the client to have content that felt like it was associated with lifestyle, which meant we played with different background elements to show the products in context and use. We also set out to create a catalogue of shots which can be used over the next 12 months to keep the website feeling fresh for existing customers, as certain background elements can be replaced every few months.

Mum doing up crash helmet for daughter about to ride quadbike

Having a wealth of content is great, especially for SEO and Google rankings. Being able to update your content regularly and test things like click through rates will help you maximise your website effectiveness at generating new leads and sales. Websites are almost living things, they do need care and attention to make sure they are performing as required, and search engines like to see that websites are being updated.

Young girl driving a kids quadbike

Digital content is not just awesome for websites: social media is another avenue that requires photography and videography. Staff photos and headshots are a great way to unify the team, build trust for your client base and build brand awareness. Meet the team pages are common for websites to humanise the business for its customer base. But what other platforms are people interacting and building connections with? Sites like Linked in allow for professional profiles and for businesses to engage with suppliers and customers. Making sure that your staff profile photos are on brand, consistent and well produced will go a long way to build trust across your audience.

Corporate event at a bar, lots of professionals mingling

Using photography for your career: we would very proud to have Dan, a local actor; get in touch with us as he was seeking new representation. He needed to have well made and accurate headshots to stand out for Casting Directors. The headshots we provided were able to get him representation and he has since been able to change careers and get paid work through his acting.

Actors headshot, smiling white man. Dark suit and alternative look

If you need a website refresh, professional headshots or social media content do not hesitate to get in contact for all your digital content needs.

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