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A/B testing with Video.

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A/B testing is an important tool for businesses to use when launching a new marketing campaign. With A/B testing, businesses can test different versions of their campaigns to determine which one works best. This allows businesses to optimize their campaigns and increase the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. A/B testing is a great way to identify the most effective elements of a campaign. By testing different versions of a campaign, businesses can find out which elements resonate best with their target audience.

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Consider your goals from the campaign; think about how you would be able to track results. How can you act upon the results? Do you want more sales? Do you want more followers? Do you want email addresses for your growing database? What key indicators could lead you to deliver on those goals?

  • Test the timing of videos you are sharing. Try to indentify the best times to engage with your audience.

  • Test which channels work best, try using videos across different platforms, see which gets the most likes/shares/engagements.

  • Test the length of content. Shorter content may work better on some platforms, and others may reach further with longer form content.

By tracking this data you can get a sense of how to best promote your brand and your content. Ensuring you can maximise your audience engagements, and get a return on your investments with Film and Video.

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With all things marketing there is always a sense of change and growth. No tool or campaign is perfect from the start – there are always optimisations to be done. We advise when gathering this data, if you do use paid advertising – use small amounts to gather information. Then as you gather confidence in what is working any further investment will give a better return.

We recommend 2 ways to track the direct sales data from your video marketing. Option 1 - offer discount codes within your videos. Different Videos on different platforms can have different codes; at that point you can clearly see which videos are converting to sales. Option 2 – would be to add some kind of questionnaire/box at checkout and ask where those customers can answer how they found you.


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