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The difference between Commercials and Promotional Films!

Although commercials are promoting a product, service or business they go beyond the idea of a promotional film. The difference between the two are subtle is terms of end product, but the process to create a commercial is much more involved.

When we create promotional films for our clients although they are still script based – the content is built around an interview framework. Where we hear from the senior team, staff and some customers in addition there are lots of other shots showing off the product or service in action. This process will still create a high energy and exciting film, but there are usually less outside elements required as we are able to use the business premises and staff.

Commercials are a very different story – the next step is adding another level of narrative. Finding the emotional impact and using that to create additional depth. This often times uses actors who may show how real life customers may use the product or service in their life. It often involves using continuity across the on screen world. We sometimes refer to this type of content as branded content.

It is for this reason that commercials are much harder to price, if you need locations, actors, extras, props or sets then the amount of work that goes into the final project is multiplied. Whereas when creating typical promotional films those required components can be provided by the client, usually with very little additional effort.

See how in this project we take our audience on a journey, showing a real family as they explore the town of Bury St Edmunds. The emotional B story is wrapped up in the Childs experience of Christmas, and we tried to capture that for our audience to enjoy. They once again get to experience the magic of Christmas through the eyes of the child.

The key to a great commercial is the story.

How can you create a sense of a journey for your audience, something that engages them from the start and entertains them all the way through? With some kind of emotional hook, this doesn’t have to be sad; it could be humorous or inspiring – much like this:

The engagement on commercials is more than on promotional films, the chance for the film to go viral is also increased. This film received 150,000 views, 1700 reactions and 450 comments on Facebook alone. Imagine what that kind of engagement with your brand, business or charity could mean for the future.

Get in contact now begin the process of creating your awesome new commercial.


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