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Know your audience! Tips to tailor you’re marketing for your audience.

For any form of marketing its best to start at the beginning, who are your desired customers and where can you find them?

Understanding who they are will help you with making sure your advert is interesting to them. What are their wants and needs, what are they interested in and how will you product or service be able to solve their problems.

For example a film we did for GC fabrications- The Car drop.

The GC Fabrications team knew that his main customers from the automotive industry would appreciate entertainment and character. There is a reason why Top gear and 5th gear do so well. They bring an element of storytelling and fun to their product demos.

As you can see we brought in some of the history of roll cages, why they were introduced and some of the controversy that came with their introduction. And we build some tension around the big spectacle of the car dropping.

Think about how you can take your audience on a journey, what is your story. If your product is hard to quantify how can you show people how it works.

Think about the language you use, will your audience appreciate it? Is it the language your audience would use? Will your content give them some kind of value?

How would your audience your service or product can you personalise it for them.

One of the last things to think about when using video is the platform is how you can reach your audience. If you have tailored your message to your customer and proved why they should invest with you, then you need to make sure it gets in front of your ideal customer.

Some platforms may have some guidelines about the length of the content. For a platform like instagram you may tailor your content to how it fits within a certain lifestyle. For Linked in, make sure your content would add value to businesses.

Planning is the key, with any kind of advertising and marketing. Make sure you have thought through your content and how you will make it reach its audience. Maximise your outputs as well by thinking about how many films could be created from a Film shoot. A shoot day can often create a main film as well as several shorter 15 to 30 second videos for other platforms. Add a discount code and then track the performance of your content across the platforms to make sure it is getting you the results you want.

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