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Calling all Suffolk Artists!

Suffolk is full of amazing artists, talented people with lots of different stories to tell.

Video is a great way to show off your talents as well as include your audience within your story. We have created some amazing music videos for local artists.

Film and Video is a great way to be able to: gain followers, build your awareness, get future bookings and show case your talent.

We created this music video for an up and coming artist, helping her to raise nearly £18,000 for various charities all over Suffolk.

But it is not just musicians; we created a mini- doc for our good friend the botanical being. Sharing her worldwide project, which has since been shown in galleries across the world.

We have also created a showcase film for up and coming circus star Tom Roy. Tom is using the film to book gigs and build his performing career for the future. Tom has since been able to transition to performing full time.

We have several different options for videos to help you showcase your talents, from as little as £900.

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