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Can I use music for my films and videos?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Music enhances the emotional impact of film and video content. It can provide energy, push the story forward and help engage audiences for longer. It is a key element of digital content creation, however, it is important that you use music you have permission to use or have licensed. Using copyrighted music can cause issues.

By breaching the copyright you could be liable for legal action. If you are sure your content requires a specific song which is copyrighted, there are ways to purchase music for a specific use. On these occasions the prices charged can be very expensive.

Video platforms like YouTube have algorithms which will check for music and if you cannot prove the track is licensed you may find that upon upload they have removed the entire audio. Or they can make it viewable only in certain countries.

Some songs may have an audible water mark, meaning audiences could hear a word repeated that clearly shouldn’t be there. Ultimately an audio watermark can ruin your audience’s enjoyment, making it more likely to move on from your film. Make sure the music compliments the tone and pace of the film whilst also being something your audience members will appreciate. Remember why you’re using music, what is the intention behind the track? And how will your audience receive it? Picking a song or style of song they will like may mean they watch it a second time; they are more likely to share with friends and remember your brand for the future.

We have licenses to royalty free music. We have an ever increasing library of brilliant music tracks not just instrumentals but also original songs written and performed by incredibly musicians.

We will provide music to any of our film packages where we are providing post production, if for any reason our customers do not like the music we have chosen then we will work with them to find a more suitable track.

Book your next promotional film with us at Offset Films and know that your music is licensed.

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I think of course you can. You just have to be careful about it. For your audio to be in excellent quality it needs to be transcoded into the format you want, experiment with it.

If you don't have programs that are designed to do that,  ALAW converter will help you in editing audio for video.

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