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Be remembered – use Video!

Video is rich content for any marketing campaign. With video you are able to combine engaging visuals with audio. Engaging your audience senses on 2 levels gets you the biggest chance of being remembered by your potential customers.

Three celluloid film rolls heaped together

It takes around 24 frames a second to see natural movement. Compared to a single picture, those 24 frames can tell a story – they can show an image, show us the actual experience of the product or business in action. Bringing life to the product will help your audience imagine themselves with the product. How will it help them?

Another benefit for using video comes from understanding Film Theory. Sergei Eisenstein was a Soviet film director and film theorist; his use of montage editing in the early 20th century helped create the film and Television we watch today. The basic theory of montage editing considers the impact of using several short clips together within a sequence, what we show; how we show it can create emotion for our audience.

Checkout Edgar Wrights 2007 film Hot Fuzz

Is this sequence, we see Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) travel from the city of London to the countryside. There are several repetitive shots and motifs that not only help push the story forward but also give us a sense of how the character feels about it. The varying types of travel, going from the underground, to trains finally to cars gives us a sense not only of distance travelled but also reinforces the secluded nature of his new environment. The phone also loses signal as he gets further from civilisation.

Within 35 seconds we are given a massive amount of information about the trip and even with Peggs stoic performance we are able to feel his negative feeling about his new job.

In essence by piecing shots together through montage the audiences brain makes a connection from one to the other. In advertising this can work super simply.

A happy cat laying on a sofa next to a can of cat food

Think about adverts for cat food, often we see a healthy and happy cat and then we see the cat food. We see the result, and then we see the product which achieved the result. Sometimes they will even finish with a sweet shot of the cat purring or nuzzling its owner. Three very simple shots are able to make the audience associate the happy emotions of the cat with the branded cat food.

Video can also engage the power of sound to help audiences feel immersed. Go back to the Cat advert, a very important piece of the puzzle is hearing the happy cat purring. We all know that a cat purring is a good sound, as a low rumble it is soothing.

Audio creates emotion for our audience, connecting our product or service with emotions is a great way to get your audience to purchase from you.

close up hand shake between a black woman and a white woman

By combining the emotional power of audio and the visual impact of the images captured, we are able to create engaging and memorable films and videos for your brand. Not only keeping your brand in your audiences mind for longer but also allowing them to associate positive emotions with your business. Making viewers more likely to convert into customers, compared to other forms of marketing.

To unlock the power of video for your marketing

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